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Nikon moves to Lacklands

Nikon Australia has appointed Lacklands LP in place of the Macalister Group for promotion, sales and distribution of Nikon Imaging Products within New Zealand.

NikonThe change is effective immediately. The short press release from Nikon Australia announcing the appointment of Lacklands refers to the restoration of ‘efficient distribution throughout New Zealand’, but makes no reference to Nikon Australia’s long-standing relationship with Macalister.

The Macalister Group is winding down all trading and distribution activities, according to an email to its photo retailer customers. Macalister wrote to NZ retailers on September 25 with a series of instructions supporting the winding down of its Nikon distributorship. It closed down warehouse dispatch on September 30 and stopped accepting repairs on October 1.

At time of writing (Monday, October 6) the Lacklands website has no reference to its appointment as Nikon distributor, while the Macalister website still stated that the 80-year-old company is ‘the longest known distributor of the Nikon brand in international history’ (appointed in 1958).


Lacklands is distributor for a strong portfolio of photographic brands including Tamron, Leica, Manfrotto and Lowepro. The Macalister Group has distributed a smaller portfolio of brands, with Nikon as the ‘jewel in the crown’.

Its website lists Lexar, HiTi, Lowepro and Acme Made among them.

Servicing arrangements
Retailers, professional photographers and consumers in New Zealand should contact Lacklands with servicing and repair enquiries.

Servicing will continue to be carried out in New Zealand, but in the transition period repairs will be sent to Australia where Nikon says they will be given priority status. James Murray, Nikon Australia general manager, Sales and Marketing, said he anticipated servicing would begin again in New Zealand in ‘less than three weeks’.

Text of the Nikon Australia press release follows:

Nikon announces New Zealand distribution partnership with Lacklands LP

SYDNEY – Nikon is delighted to announce a new partnership responsible for the promotion, sales and distribution of Nikon Imaging Products within New Zealand.

Lacklands LP has been appointed as Nikon Distributor by Nikon Australia, and staff shall commence support of Nikon Imaging and Sports Optic products effective immediately in order to restore efficient distribution throughout New Zealand.

James Murray, General Manager Sales and Marketing Nikon Australia, said of the new partnership. “Lacklands has a proven track record not just distributing leading brands, but building those brands with fresh ideas and executing results through their retail partnerships”

“Nikon Australia is delighted to be working with Lacklands to introduce a new chapter and approach for Nikon and expand our availability in the country. We look forward to working with their team to drive Nikon as a market leader and positively influence the overall New Zealand imaging business from here on,” added Murray.







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