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New dollars from candid event snaps

DNP has announced a new ‘Mobile Party Print’ app for event photographers using DNP dye transfer printers.

MobileParty_LThe app provides added utility and a new revenue stream for wedding and event photographers. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it allows party guests to easily transfer photos via WiFi for on-location instant printing. It’s simply a matter of guests downloading the free app – which communicates exclusively to DNP printers printing out candid snaps on the spot.

‘Photo booths are found at all sorts of events such as weddings to corporate hospitality bashes – Mobile Party Print is a photo booth at the table,’ said Jon McBriar, JA Davey, distributor of DNP printers. ‘It’s a modern alternative to the once common practice of a bride and groom placing a disposable film camera on each of the guest tables for guests to use at their own discretion.

‘Once the party had wrapped up, the cameras would be left with the bride and groom to have processed, enabling them to see and enjoy their big day from all angles. Here you have the added convenience of instant printing and sharing.’

DNP’s Mobile Party Print allows wedding and event photographers to tap into a new source of income from party snapshots. With a PC, a DNP printer and the Party Print system installed on location, plus a free mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), the business potential is huge, according to Mr McBriar.

The event photography segment is nowadays a combination of professional shooting and rental of photo booth systems. Mobile Party Print delivers another revenue stream by harnessing the enthusiasm for ‘phonography’. It’s compatible with DNP DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 printers. The system comprises a CD-ROM (with installer software, Party Print screensaver and documentation), a software license key, and a wireless router to accept the photos sent from event guests.

Prints can be customised by adding a graphical border, and the event host can be presented with a copy of all digital files. Click to print takes just 11 seconds.


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