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Maxwell distributes Lexar to photo channel

Maxwell International, has been appointed to distribute Lexar memory cards, card readers, and USB flash drives into the photo retail channel, starting this month.

 John Swainston, managing director,  Maxwell International Australia, and Richard Clarke, national sales manager, Lexar products, ANZ.
John Swainston, managing director, Maxwell International Australia, and Brad Anderson, Lexar VP, Worldwide Sales.

‘Maxwell International has been a leading distributor of specialist photographic products for over four decades, so they bring a wealth of experience and contacts within the Australian photography industry,’ said Richard Clarke, national sales manager for Lexar products in Australia and New Zealand.

Lexar is in fact coming back to Maxwell after a number of years in which Lexar chose to handle distribution in its own right.

Lexar’s distributor into the IT channel is Cellnet.

John Swainston said the move will benefit existing customers who he said are are asking to have access to more premium accessory brands via Maxwell.

‘We become more of a one-stop-shop for multiple number one or number two brands – products that people come in and ask after by name.’

He said retailers were looking to consolidate their supply relationships with a few distributors they could depend on.

He noted that Lexar had just introduced the world’s fastest memory cards and read/write speed was becoming more important as people used high-resolution cameras for videography.

‘If you are shooting video with a DSLR with a 24-megapixel sensor you need it to write quickly to avoid dropping frames, so higher speed cards are becoming more important.’

Memory cards are both solid state and extremely small, and more secure than a hard disk drive. He also noted that they were becoming affordable enough at high capacity to be used as temporary or even permanent storage devices.

‘One thing retailers need is products that are new and better – not just new,’ said Mr Swainston.

USB sticks are another generator of revenue -‘ that comes to mind just now with the back-to-school market.’

With a lack of foot traffic being a current complaint, ‘they are another reason for people to come into the store.’







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