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KEx program ‘in-sourced’

The new Kodak Alaris company has decided to bring the management of the Kodak Express program in Australia  back in-house.

Kodak Alaris' new marketing manager, Michael Palm will lead the Kodak Express program from March 6.
Kodak Alaris’ new marketing manager, Michael Palm will lead the Kodak Express program from March 6.

Kodak Alarais told Photo Counter there is no change currently planned for Kodak Express NZ.

The ‘old’ Kodak Australia outsourced marketing of Kodak Express to the Leading Edge group in 2008. In 2011 Wayne Style’s Photo Plus buying group joined the Kodak Express stores which had moved across to Leading Edge, forming the PhotoEdge group.

The Kodak Express stores within the PhotoEdge group had a separate marketing program in addition to other benefits shared by the group as a whole, such as as centralised trading accounts with preferred suppliers.

Kodak Alaris has appointed a new marketing manager, Michael Palm (who is also an AFL goal umpire), to manage the Kodak Express program.

The change will take place on March 6, to allow time to ‘transition all material and services in an orderly manner.’

The PhotoEdge brand was introduced last year.
The PhotoEdge brand was introduced last year.

The PhotoEdge group (or Leading Edge Digital, as it was formerly known) will continue to operate ‘and have Kodak Alaris’ full support to do so’ according to a letter sent to Kodak Express members by Stephen Nicholls, business director, Kodak Alaris ANZ, and Michael Carr, general manager, Leading Edge Group.

Unless they decide to resign from PhotoEdge, Kodak Express stores will stay part of the group. There are currently 62 stores in the PhotoEdge group.

‘This change will allow the Leading Edge Digital team to solely focus on the marketing and product management for the PhotoEdge group, and work on growing the group and increasing the benefits and offerings to you,’ Leading Edge Digital general manager Michael Carr wrote to all PhotoEdge members, including Kodak-affiliated stores.

‘As a member of PhotoEdge, your relationship with Leading Edge Group will remain unchanged, and you will continue to have access to our central billing model, preferred supplier trading agreements, non-trade benefits and marketing assets; including printed catalogue, digital assets, social media bulletins and ad-hoc marketing collateral.

Kodak Alaris declined Photo Counter’s invitation to elaborate on future plans, with Stephen Nicholls indicating that he preferred to first finalise plans and communicate to Kodak Express members. We hope to bring readers an update in February.
In the letter to Kodak Express members Mr Nicholls wrote that ‘Kodak Alaris is working to finalise the 2014 marketing plans which will involve the introduction of some new, key consumer messages designed to expand consumer awareness, (and for) premium market position and sales growth.’


  1. John Berry, Kodak Express Coastlands NZ John Berry, Kodak Express Coastlands NZ January 24, 2014

    Do you still have confidence with Leading Edge running the Kodak Express programme in New Zealand? We have serious doubts. Regards, John Berry.

  2. Bruce Bruce January 28, 2014

    I guess all these things are linked to contractual obligations and I reckon that New Zealand would be reviewed at the end of that contract. In the meantime what would be likely is that Kodak Alaris would push out any creative contact made for Australia but suited to NZ through LE in NZ.

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