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KEx NZ back to Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris has discontinued its agreement with Leading Edge Group New Zealand for management of the Kodak Express program, after cutting similar ties with Leading Edge in Australia last month.

KAlarisThe relationship will end on May 1, allowing ‘time to transition all material and services in an orderly manner’.

Kodak Express New Zealand members were informed of the decision via an email this week from Steve Nichols, business director, ANZ, Kodak Alaris and Steve Snookes, general manager, Leading Edge New Zealand.

Kodak Express New Zealand members have a history of dissatisfaction with the recent administration of the program, and were in open revolt back in 2012 due to ‘concerns around the value derived from the program and relevance in today’s market’, as explained by Kodak’s David Santer at the time.

Some were also unhappy with Kodak’s requirement that they use Kodak APEX dye transfer printing equipment and consumables.

The letter to KEx NZ members was almost identical to the previous communication with KEx Australia members.

It spoke of Kodak Alaris ‘working to finalise the 2014 marketing plans which will involve the introduction of some new, key consumer messages designed to expand consumer awareness, premium market positioning and sales growth’.

We asked Michael Palm, newly-appointed marketing manager with Kodak Alaris, when the new program would be presented to Kodak Express members:

‘Our marketing plans for 2014 were delayed due to the cancellation of regional meetings in late-2013 due to political unrest in Thailand,’ he responded.

‘Last week saw the Kodak Alaris Regional Kick-Off meeting in Jakarta, which was attended by a variety of Kodak Alaris staff from South-East Asia, and also US, as well as distributors and customers from the region.

‘The presentations and marketing activities planned for 2014 will be discussed internally over the coming weeks with a program to be launched shortly after. We will be sharing this program with all KEX Members after this time.’



  1. steve worley steve worley February 21, 2014

    The KEX programme seems to be like the poisoned chalice !
    Sadly the same old (same old) EKC politics seems to be creeping back into the thin(er) lines of retailing….shame …

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | February 21, 2014

      Kodak Express has, I think, a fair bit of latent power which Kodak Alaris can hopefully unlock. It’s a new team – let’s see how they go.

  2. PG PG February 21, 2014

    I thought that the relevance of KEX went along with Agfa and Fuji in the mid 2000’s. Ask the GenY and they will say what’s a Kodak?

    But it is warm and fuzzy with those who had been yellow since the 80’s I am sure. Kicking and screaming we now use Kodak, would use an alternative if there was one.

    Can’t see the advantage of having it on the reverse side of a print, whats a print anyway… Now if they could do some really innovative new imaging products like metal or 3D canvas that would be good.

  3. Garrett Garrett February 21, 2014

    I’m all kodaked out.. Since we bought the business in 2005 with one exception (Lee Jeffries), I have been underwhelmed with the promise level. It seems that as usual they are chasing the mass merchants with preferential pricing cutting the viability of the stores carrying their brand.
    My argument is and has always been that the value of high street branding has not been valued by them, maybe I should charge them for the free advertising, that might focus the mind.
    Personally I find the mass merchant model very short sited and short term with no loyalty.

  4. Jack Jack February 21, 2014

    Wow, if people don’t want to do business Kodak, then don’t. I for one do not anymore but they helped me in the early days to get going and I will grateful for that. I stand on my own two feet and in 20 yrs I think every supplier has let me down at least one. I Remeber but don’t hold a grudge. I am sorry if someone at Kodak who sold your business let you down Garrett but I don’t there is anyone left from that time.

  5. Tim Tim February 21, 2014

    Yes there are problems but it is still the best brand by an extremely long way.
    Kodak = Photos = everything photographic
    And I’m amazed how many demographics including the youth market think the same.
    Easy target sure but lets see what happens next.

  6. John Berry John Berry April 22, 2014

    From New Zealand:

    When can we expect to see some action from Kodak for New Zealand KEX. like packaging, promotion and marketing support. Everything seems to be slow motion.

    Thanks and regards, John Berry

    • PG PG May 2, 2014

      John I would contact KodakAlaris directly I don’t think they would have anyone that would read this, hence the lack of response.

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