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Free artwork for young mothers campaign

A new suite of free-to-access marketing materials targeted at younger mothers is being offered by a US photo industry consortium called Innovations In Photo Imaging (IIPI).

Most of the artwork in the US campaign looks like it would work in local photo retailing.
Most of the artwork in the US campaign looks like it would work in local photo retailing.

Much of the artwork and text appears appropriate for use in Australian and New Zealand photo retail businesses. The various components plus some supporting marketing/’how-to’ information is contained in this Powerpoint presentation.

The campaign goal is to inspire younger (‘Gen X / Gen Y’) mothers (aka ‘moms’) to invest more in camera accessories and cameras, and print more photo products.

Writing in his fortnightly Photo Imaging News International newsletter, Don Franz (a key player in the IIPI group) elaborates:

‘Mothers want to take better photos. The campaign will remind the target audiences that they want to take better photos and make link between better photos and camera features and accessories.

‘Mothers love printed products but get too busy to remember to make/order them. The campaign will remind audiences that they enjoy photo products: show them easy options. Education and communications can create a new behavioural norm – tapping the innate desire that mothers have to take better photos and physically hold on to them.

crazy1‘The campaign theme is: “Life Is Crazy: Hold on to the Highlights”. This theme taps mothers’ feelings that life is racing by. The campaign reminds them that they need to stop, enjoy, capture, and hold on to the wonderful (crazy) moments of their lives (their children’s lives).

‘Use this theme with visuals to inspire mothers to think “I want photos like THAT of my child! I’ve got to get this done! How?!”‘

A digital toolkit is included in the PowerPoint. This kit provides messages and images to use to educate retail sales associates and to add into consumer education materials. In addition to key messages, the kit contains art files for a poster, several web ads, web images that can be dropped into content sites, and some leaflet-style educational sheets addressing the camera features needed to take better photos.

Retailers seeking other versions of artwork samples or higher res files can email IIPI contacts provided at the end of the Powerpoint presentation.

The posters and web ads can be used at no charge and with or without a store logo. All art files include options to place your logo or to use with association logos only. For simplicity, only one version of each piece is featured in the Powerpoint presentation.

‘You can change the campaign to “Life Is________” to market to different audiences, such as “Life is Cool” or “:Life is Amazing”,’ explained Don.

‘If we all participate and promote this campaign, the results could be amazing!’

What is this thing called IIPI?:

In late 2010, a group of leading US photo industry companies formed ‘a grassroots consortium’ called Innovations in Photo Imaging (IIPI) to explore how consumers could become more aware of the output options they had for their captured photo images. With budgets squeezed, ideas became more challenging to implement, so the concepts were presented to the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA). Together, these three groups have provided the resources for the current campaign.


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