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Epson launches sub-$5K inkjet microlab

Epson  will debut its desktop inkjet microlab, the SureLab D700, in September at the Digital Playground event at Sydney’s Luna Park (September 12 – 14).


In Australia and New Zealand it will be offered with a USB cable, a full inkset and a 3-year warranty for $4795 ex tax ($NZ5295). The printer ships with both a Macintosh and Windows driver.

It will begin shipping in Australia from late September and in New Zealand late October/ early November.

In addition to the base configuration, the new printer will be offered with a ‘Photo Pack’ kit that includes an additional 5 rolls of media, two spindles, a media storage box, output tray, Epson Order Controller and 3 year warranty for $A6795 ($NZ7495). The software provides job costing, print scheduling and image editing functionality.

The SureLab D700 will attract interest from photo retailers seeking a lower-cost alternative to a high-volume dry lab such as the D3000, and professional photography studios and event photographers. It can produce high-resolution photographic prints (up to 720x1440dpi) along with ID and passport photos, menus, awards, cards and fliers. Paper widths run from 4 inches to A4, and print sizes up to 210mm x 1000mm panoramas. Speed is up to 360 4×6-inch prints per hour, 180 8x6inch prints an hour.

It can print in colour and monochrome on gloss, lustre and matte media. Users are able to print direct from common photo applications or via the optional Epson Order Control software that has integrated job costing, scheduling, image editing and colour control.

Epson will also have a ‘Print & Share;’ kiosk on show at The Digital Playground, , integrated with the D700 in addition to the Epson Stylus Photo R3000, Stylus Pro 3880 and Stylus Pro 7900 printers.

In Australia, Kayell is the distributor, while in NZ Aarque handles distribution.

For more on the D700, click here.

But what about the quality? Here’s a short review from one satisified owner on photographers’ website, DPReview: ‘Just completed printing 600 photographic A4 8×12 (203x304mm). This machine is really impressive. The colours are absolutely wow. This prints an A4 every 34 seconds.

I think this will be the way of the future with no temperamental temperature probes in the machine. No waste chemicals after processing. The cost to run this machine is a lot lower running with lower power usage. When you start processing the medium is white.Not having to worry that the temperature of the chemicals and machine inconsistancy are taken out of one’s processing equation.






  1. Rob Gateley Rob Gateley September 5, 2014

    Is there a costing on raw materials and consumables on this thing. I would be interested to know

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | September 5, 2014

      Hi Rob! I’ll follow up but sometimes there’s a certain reticence on that one. I have seen 10cents/print (US) quoted (by a customer, not Epson) while researching the story.

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