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End-of-year Les Brener lunch

As has been the custom for several decades, a group of industry and now former industry leaders assembled last week for a lunch to share in industry talk and the fellowship that’s been a big part of photo wholesale and retail for decades.
lbl_end_of_year_lun#1B2F37AThe group this year was; Rear, L to R: Des Franklin (Hanimex); John Bourne (Hanimex/Vivitar/Kayell); Peter Rattray (Kodak Professional); John Koens (Kayell); Les_BrenerPeter Terry (Polaroid), John Swainston (Maxwell). Front: Stan Kessanis (Standalone Design); Terry Rimmer (Georges/Paxtons/HP/PMA); Les Brener, AO (PIC & PMA Australia); and Peter Rose (Hanimex/Kodak/PMA Australia).

Absent from the regular group were Paul Curtis, Bruce Sinclair, Stuart Poignand, Achim Friedrichs and Len Sandler.

The Sydney group was founded 33 years ago, in 1981, by Les Brener, Achim Friedrichs, Keith Laker, John Swainston, Des Franklin and the late David English.


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