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Do your suppliers talk to you?

Photo Direct is assisting with a doctoral research project at RMIT University which Photo Direct’s marketing consultant, Peter Budd is involved in and is asking Photo Counter retail readers for their help in completing a 12-minute online survey.

rmitThe research project looks at the interaction between retail businesses, pro photographers, print shops, photo framers and their peers such as wholesalers or other suppliers in the industry. There is particular emphasis on the quality of online engagement, including relationship or cultural perceptions between the sectors.

Peter Budd explained that with communication between suppliers and retailers changing from more direct forms such as sales rep visits and meetings at trade shows to online alternatives – websites, emailed newsletters, email blasts, etc –  it was timely to make some soundings about how effective and satisfactory the new communication processes were.

‘The project will definitely deliver some never-before seen research findings and provide the industry with valuable reference on the quality of interactions and relationships between the various peer groups,’ said Steuart Meers, Photo Direct.

‘Once the findings have been compiled Pete Budd, who is co-ordinating the project with RMIT, will provide a summary report on the key implications for the industry.’

Click here to access the survey.

NOTE: Having quickly reviewed this survey, I thought it was a tad repetitious – it seemed the same question was being asked in different ways a number of times. When I asked Peter about this he agreed it was and that this was ‘all part of the methodology – the way the scoring system methodology works.’ – So keep in mind this is not some error in the way it’s been constructed.

The survey has been distributed to retailers via the Photo Direct customer database and now via the Photo Counter subscriber list. Please assist a long-time Photo Counter supporter and help provide the photo industry with something it has precious little of – research data – by taking part.


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  1. Ron Frank Ron Frank September 26, 2014

    Keith as always your scripting is just easy to read and delightful.
    Thank you and wishing you a long and happy life
    Ron Frank

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