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Biometric passport website from Brands Australia

Brands Australia has announced the launch of the new Biometric Passport Photo website, designed to give consumers, trade and government organisations the right knowledge on biometric passport photos and how the technology affects the ID and passport photo business.

biometrics-website-front-paThe website provides a store locator tool outlining hundreds of outlets across Australia that are currently running biometric passport photo systems, together with a plethora of information surrounding biometric passport photos and government compliance requirements.

Showcasing the ID Station Biometric Passport Photo system as the ‘hero product’, Brands Australia provides detailed information on the system, with the ability for trade partners to request a live demonstration of how it works.

The website also features restricted areas for trade partners and government embassies containing detailed information on passport regulation changes, technology updates, training information, and customer support services. Access to these areas can be requested by contacting Brands Australia.

‘We’re ecstatic to now have this resource as a part of our business. Our staff have been selling, marketing, and supporting ID/Passport photo systems for over 30 years, and as the leaders in the industry we’re always looking at innovative ways to support our clients and bring the latest technology to market.

This website is going to be the information hub for biometric passport photos, providing information to all users from consumers, to retail trade, and government embassies,’ said John Rule, managing director, Brands Australia.

Brands Austrlaia is a members of the Biometrics Institute of Australia, and is committed to the long term development of the ID photo market.

The new website can be accessed via and trade partners can seek more information about ID Station biometric passport photo system at



  1. PG PG April 4, 2014

    You don’t have to have Mr Rule’s system to produce biometric compliant passport photos. The site is a blatant sales pitch for equipment sales of the system.

  2. alan alan April 6, 2014

    I find this website somewhat concerning that it implies that those not listed are not supplying biometric id photos. We were told years ago that this system was to be implemented and we would all have to buy the Brands gear.
    Well, reality is that the passport office has not enforced any changes YET, and the photos we are producing on our Noritsu are being accepted without any problems. Even the local post office does not use the Brands system, and they are the accepting authority in our area.
    We have not had ANY knockbacks on Aussie passport photos and I resent the implication from the website that we are not doing the correct types of photos by not being listed.
    I agree with PG that this site is simply a list of stores who have bought the system. As I see it, the Brands system is simply a more expensive way of doing what we are currently doing, with no enforced requirement to make us issue a “certificate” with our passport photos.
    If a certificate is all that required, I’ll make one up tomorrow to go with our passport photos!!!!!!!

  3. alan alan April 6, 2014

    Interesting. I just had a look at the demo on the Brands website, and if it accepts the photo that was taken of the young woman with the hair over her right eye, then I’d have to question the “approved” photo!

  4. Tim Tim April 6, 2014

    I must agree with Alan and Phil here. We like many in the industry produce fabulous passport photos and they always are biometric compliant.
    And I’d suggest the lighting setup we use is far superior to the kit that is sold by Brands.
    Perhaps we should link up with PMA and provide a competing guide to where to find compliant passport photos.

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