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PMA Victoria Christmas dinner

The PMA Victoria Christmas get-together was a low-key affair, but those who made it to regular watering hole, the Pumphouse, Fitzroy, found themselves among friends.

Of the 30 or so attending, it was notable that retailers were in the minority – an unfortunate recent trend. The new slim-look Richard ‘Robbo’ Robertson was, as always, a welcome presence, as was Laurie Rogers. Daughter Nicki (The Camera Clinic) and Jeff Crowley (Fujifilm) once again organised the event.


Elissa Welson and Wayne Rogers (Camera Clinic).
Chris Culpepper and John Rule (Brands Australia).
David Utton (Ted's), Gino Burgo (Thompsons Pharmacy) and Karen Griffiths (C-Direct).
David Utton (Ted’s), Gino Burgo (Thompsons Pharmacy) and Karen Griffiths (C-Direct).
Darryn Fisk (IPS) and Jeff Crowley (Fujifilm).


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  1. ROBBO ROBBO December 12, 2014

    It was a great night for catching up with a few of my industry friends
    pity support was at the same level as business.
    i think even Tony Abbot would have more supporters than the pma xmas party.Now before you get all over me than a rash remember you have got the industry trade association that you deserve.
    what goes around comes around .so next time there is an event support it and it will get stronger to niki and jeff well done with little or NO support coming from any quarter. here’s hopping for a stronger 2015

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