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Verbatim releases wireless ‘uber-connector’

Verbatim has announced MediaShare Wireless, a portable device which connects with up to five Wi-Fi enabled tablets and smartphones allowing you to view, play, stream and back up photos, video clips and music simultaneously, anywhere.

VerbatimMediaShare Wireless doesn’t have on-board storage, with Verbatim reasoning that SD or USB cards, or portable hard drives, are both affordable and ubiquitous.

Built-in USB port and SD Memory slot allows easy access to content from a USB portable hard drive, USB Drive or SD memory card and expansion of available storage on smartphones and tablets.

Content can be uploaded and downloaded wirelessly to and from tablets or smartphones, and photos and video clips backed up without need of a computer

Free iOS and Android Mobile Apps are available from the AppStore or Google Play

For times when it is impractical to access a computer or on-board storage is limited, the portable device effectively creates its own Wi-Fi network enabling users to wirelessly stream or archive media files securely and quickly between iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch or Android based devices. Verbatim says its MediaShare Wireless could even help keep children entertained on long journeys by streaming media content through to the child’s tablet, smartphone or portable media player.

Benefiting from an SD memory slot and a built-in USB port rather than on-board storage capacity, MediaShare Wireless makes it possible for users to add unlimited data capacity in a far more affordable manner to an ad-hoc network of tablets and smartphones via SD cards, micro SD Cards with an adaptor, USB drives and external hard drives.

MediaShare Wireless weighs just 127g and measures 112x79x14mm (L x W x H), roughly the same size as a smartphone. It uses a rechargeable 3000mAh Lithium-ion battery that delivers up to nine hours of continuous movie streaming. A Micro USB cable is included with the product to allow charging and data transfer.

The Verbatim’s MediaShare Wireless is available in Australia and New Zealand. Australian RRP is $89.95


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