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Tamron to manufacture for M43 format

Tamron has announced it will enter the accessory lens market for Micro Four Thirds cameras with the first model a long zoom 14-150mm f/3.5-5.8 Di III VC (Model C001).

tamron_m4-3-lens-1_referencWhile there is no confirmed release date for the new lens (probably the second half of 2013), Tamron’s intention to manufacture for M43 format cameras will be welcome news for Tamron stockists, and reassure M43 camera owners that the format will be supported with quality third-party accessories.

Tamron now covers ASP-C, M43, Sony NEX E-mount, and full frame cameras.

The new lens has a metal finish and will be offered in two colours: black and silver. It covers focal lengths equivalent to 28-300mm in 35mm format. The optical design consists of 17 elements in 13 groups and includes one LD (Low Dispersion) glass element, two moulded-glass aspherical elements and one hybrid aspherical element to minimise the effects of common aberrations. A seven-bladed iris diaphragm closes to a circular aperture to ensure attractive bokeh.

Focusing is driven by a stepping motor optimised to support silent, quick and accurate auto focusing. The lens design results in a compact body measuring only 80mm and extending to just 85mm. With a diameter of just 63mm, the lens accepts 52 mm filters. Overall weight is just 280 grams.

Tamron’s proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) stabilisation mechanism employs a three-coil system, in which three driving coils activate the shake-compensating VC lens group electromagnetically via three ceramic balls. The VC lens elements are held in place only by contact with the ceramic balls, achieving smooth movement with little friction. This provides a stable viewfinder image with excellent tracking performance.

The Tamron 14-150mm f/3.5-5.8 Di III VC lens can focus to 50cm, providing a maximum magnifaction ratio of 1:3.8 at the 150mm setting. It is supplied with a petal-shaped lens hood.

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