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Short Exposures: November 14

Big gun from Tamron...Adobe customers easy prey…Photo Finale at home or in-store…Press photographers disappearing in US

Big gun from Tamron
tamron-150-600mm-f5-6Japanese lens manufacturer Tamron has officially announced that it is ‘working on’ a 150-600mm f5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom lens that will replace the company’s current 200-500mm lens and become the longest focal length zoom in its lineup.

Tamron says the new lens will have 20 elements in 13 groups, cutting-edge ‘eBAND’ coating, three LD (Low Dispersion) glass elements, and built-in VC (Vibration Compensation) system.

The lens also features Tamron’s Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD) motor and will come in Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts, for both full-frame and APS-C cameras (where it will deliver a 233-930mm focal length!)

No release date as been set.

Adobe customers easy prey
For a company that wants all it customers to rent its software over the internet, Adobe seems a bit too relaxed about their security, with an initial report that 2.9 million user accounts had possibly been hacked revised up to 38 million by Adobe in late October.

It’s now up to 150 million, according to internet security experts Sophos, which reported that ‘a huge dump of the offending customer database was recently published online, weighing in at 4GB compressed, or just a shade under 10GB uncompressed, listing not just 38,000,000 breached records, but 150,000,000 of them.

‘As breaches go, you may very well see this one in the book of Guinness World Records next year, which would make it astonishing enough on its own.’

Sophos goes on to explain the cryptographic blunders Adobe made to enable the giant security breach.

Adobe has form when it comes to protecting customers’ security, and Steve Jobs named its Flash tool as the main security flaw in Mac computers. Adobe’s software is a prime target, cyber security experts say, because its core code is old and weak by today’s standards, and updates and patches that are built on top of that code can’t make up for its inherent flaws.

Photo Finale at home and in-store
DesignerPhoto Finale is now able to be loaded on Lucidiom kiosks so that customers can start a project at home and finish it in store and vice versa, reports local distributor, Photo Direct

This much-requested feature in APM 8.5 called PF@Kiosk Designer Mode provides customers a number of benefits including a huge selection of card designs, full wide-screen work area, superior workflow for creative products, access to Facebook, Instagram or online photos and Aviary/PicMonkey photo editing. Customers can also conveniently re-order their existing projects.

At the same time PF@Kiosk Designer Mode enables photo retailers to have a consistent product catalogue between their kiosks and website with just one easy set-up. It also lets retailers take full advantage of Photo Finale’s robust discount and promotions engine.

For more information contact Photo Direct on 1300 364 817.

Press photographers disappearing in US
The American Society of News Editors has reported that, according to a newsroom census, US newspapers are employing 43 percent fewer photographers, videographers and artists than they were in 2000, three times the rate at which journalists are losing their jobs.

In May the Chicago Sun-Times sacked its 20 press photographers and is attempting to replace them with iPhone wielding journalists and contributors.

One Comment

  1. ron frank ron frank November 14, 2013

    Let us drag everything down to the lowest dominator follow the extinguishment of the pro photographer we shall see the end of the trained jurno all replaced by the “I phone” and the print media may as well be dropped as well, because we have the internet.
    Yes we continue to support a lowering of the bar in every field to the cheapest and we all suffer a depleted quality in every thing.
    Restaurants have almost gone into food halls.
    so many funerals have become incinerations, product life has descended to a few years, instead of lasting many years. My 30 year old toaster [sunbeam] died and in the last 4 years I have had 3 toasters, as a quality one is no longer available. where-ever one looks it is the same, throw away is what we have descended into, from our relationships to our possessions.
    Hopefully G-D will return as save us all.

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