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PMA UK and Fujifilm link for ‘Print It’ campaign

PMA in the UK has linked up with Fujifilm and leading UK distributor Swains to launch a new promotional campaign: ‘Print it or Lose it‘. The promotion builds on a successful National Photo Month program in 2012 which gained extensive exposure across TV, radio and print.

This poster is part of PMA UK's Print it or Lose it campaign kit, which follows from a successful National Photo Month last year.
This poster is part of PMA UK’s Print it or Lose it campaign kit, which follows from a successful National Photo Month last year.

Downloadable artwork and PR materials for the campaign will be available for PMA UK members from the PMA website. (Photo Counter has approached PMA in Australia about the possibility of local access – please check Readers Comments for an update from Peter Rose.)

The artwork was presented to a group of PMA retailers by Swains’ Danny Williams, who spoke about people losing priceless photos because of accidental deletion, memory card corruption or stolen camera phones.

‘There is,’ said Mr Williams, ‘a real danger that a family who don’t make prints or manage their electronic images will find themselves without any photo history.’

He contrasted this with the longevity of the Domesday Book, created on paper in 1086 and still readable today –  over 900 years later. Yet in 1986 a new digital multimedia Domesday Book was created at a cost of £2.5 million containing maps, pictures and video footage. It was stored on CD and is no longer readable.

‘We need,’ he said, ‘to shock people into realising that their heritage is not preserved electronically.’ He said the ‘Print it or Lose it “message needed to be carried in store, in local media, and in national media. .

Yet marketing was not the only facet to make such a campaign successful – education at store level was also critical – showing customers how they can do more with their photos and more with their equipment.

During the launch GfK gave statistical evidence of the move from cameras to smartphones, especially in the 15 to 24 age group. In a recent survey across all age groups in the UK, half of the smart phone users questioned had little or no interest in prints although there was some evidence that those who were interested in prints would look to order on line and pick up in store.

Why, asked GfK , were they not printing? Thirty-seven percent said it was too expensive and 29 percent said they simply had too many pictures to choose from, so they choose none, while a further 27 percent simply could not be bothered.



  1. PG PG June 14, 2013

    Wonder why PMA and Fuji can’t come together here for something similar?

    • pg pg June 21, 2013

      I am amazed that no other retailer or supplier has seen this a real opportunity to get the word our about print it or lose it. It doesn’t apply to just the 6×4 print either!

  2. Alan Alan June 17, 2013

    Its a shame this can’t be rolled out internationally.

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | June 17, 2013

      Agree. With a bit of energy and co-operation and perhaps a small financial contribution to make it happen you would imagine PMA UK and Fujifilm UK would be delighted and flattered to share their Print It marketing collateral with us down ‘ere. But then we would need even more energy and co-operation to implement it. Sadly lacking, in my opinion, just at the moment. Keith

  3. dustonearth dustonearth June 21, 2013

    too much hard work mate!
    it’s much easier to take the salary, hit the pub and get some booze!

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