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Olympus launches online accessory store

Olympus Imaging has announced the launch of its online Olympus Store ‘to enable
consumers to easily purchase accessories for their digital cameras.’

OlympusHowever, Olympus Imaging has stated it will not be selling its cameras through the new online store.

‘Olympus aims to support our retail partners by continuing to help them sell the products that they are great at selling – our cameras!’ Olympus Imaging communications manager, Lucas Tan, told Photo Counter, ‘We value our retail partners that have worked with us to make Olympus the No.1 Compact System Camera brand in Australia.

‘We feel that the new Olympus Store can only add value to both consumers and retailers,’ he added.

The Olympus press release sates that: ‘Camera accessories such as batteries, cases, lens caps, and data cables are often not kept in regular stock by many camera retailers due to the slower pace of demand for such products.’

For consumers who want to purchase Olympus accessories, the new Olympus Store enables direct purchase online. It can be accessed through the Olympus website at

‘Olympus has over many years, received a lot of feedback from camera owners
who tell us that they often find it hard to purchase replacement or additional
accessories through retail stores,’ said Joe Tizzone, national sales manager, Olympus
Imaging. ‘These are “basics” such as lens caps or batteries that camera owners
may have misplaced or require as spares, that they would like to be able to
purchase easily.

‘We understand that our retail partners sometimes find it hard to stock these
products efficiently as they are not considered to be fast-moving inventory, which
still take up precious storage or retail space. By enabling camera owners to
conveniently purchase camera accessories directly through our website, we are confident that it will increase their satisfaction and confidence in the Olympus brand.

‘This will ultimately benefit our retail partners as it makes Olympus the easy brand to sell, trust and recommend,’ said Mr Tizzone.

Olympus saus the online Olympus Store also adds value at the retail front as it
doubles up as a web-based accessories catalog that retailers can display on store
computers and tablet devices to assist their customers.

‘Olympus knows that there will be many consumers who still prefer the personal, face-to-face, experience of purchasing camera products from their favourite retailer. Having our full range of camera accessories easily browseable on a screen benefits both the store customer and the retailer.’

Retailers will continue to have the ability to stock all accessory products featured in
the Olympus Store.




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