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Nikon revamps online sharing ‘site

On January 28 Nikon will relaunch its new and improved and re-named online image sharing and storage website, ditching the somewhat hokey myPicturetown in favour of Nikon Image Space.

The Passion. The Delight. The Unadulterated Hype!
The Passion. The Delight. The Unadulterated Hype!

All and sundry will be offered 2GB of free storage, while Nikon camera owners are able to upgrade to have 20GB at their disposal.

Existing myPicturetown accounts will be automatically transferred to the new Nikon Image Space, according to a press release from Nikon Japan.

As Nikon describes it, the new Image Space site offers ‘greater convenience through sequential operation, which is achieved by high speed operation of the system, an intuitive user interface, a clear window layout, and a simple operation flow.’ (Translated into English this could mean something like, ‘you can do things in the right order, upload images quicker, and the design will be more sensible and attractive.’ But I’m only guessing! KS.)

Nikon further says the new Image Space site offers ‘greater collaboration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.’

The site will go live on January 28. It will be featured on the Nikon Imaging Japan booth at the CP+ 2013 camera and photo imaging show, to be held January 31–February 3 in Yokohama.

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