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‘New’ Samsung exclusive to B&H?

In an extraordinary departure from conventional practice, Samsung appears to have left the announcement of a new mirrorless camera, the Samsung NX1100 to the world’s largest camera retailer, B&H.

Top pic is the new Samsung NX1100 from B&H, with the NX1000, below. Even the product photography is remarkably similar!
The new Samsung NX1100 from B&H and the NX1000, below. Even the product photography is remarkably similar!

The press release is headed: ‘Samsung Announced the NX1100 Mirrorless APS-C Camera—Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo‘ – Which isn’t altogether true. B&H, oddly, has announced the new Samsung camera, complete with the error in tense!

While B&H is something of a channel unto itself, it’s surprising to see the giant retailer – it’s been said its sales match or even outstrip those of the entire Australian photo industry – becoming a channel for product announcements as well!

The press release from B&H was run on the B&H website but also on Newswire-style services. Click on the URL link for the product and the reader ends up on the B&H online shopping site where one is encouraged to pre-order the NX1100 – in either black or white.

And at the end of the press release, where companies usually provide three or four paragraphs describing their particular form of magnificence, it’s not ‘About Samsung’ but ‘About B&H’.

Samsung’s Australian PR people expressed surprise when Photo Counter asked about the new camera yesterday morning. Perhaps they should have checked with B&H…

The camera itself? It’s a 20-megapixel APS-C sensor mirrorless interchangeable bundled with a 20-50mm f3.5-5.6 II lens for US$700. Other features include a 3-inch 921,000 dot LCD display, 1080p video, 8fps burst mode, external flash and WiFi. Adobe Lightroom is thrown into the package.

In fact, its specs are freakishly similar to the Samsung NX1000. The only real differences seem to be a higher maximum ISO (firmware upgrade?) and that this one is a B&H exclusive. Now that’s leverage!

The always-interesting camera industry blogger Thom Hogan has his own take on Samsung’s new camera.

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