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New Pentax K3 gets rave reviews

Overseas reviews of the just-released Pentax K-3 are heralding the new camera as the model which will see Ricoh Pentax give Canon and Nikon a run for their money.

1019_1380819847_K3_Black_FlThe most talked-about feature is the revolutionary on-demand anti-aliasing filter, a breakthrough in high-end DSLR technology, but first assessments of the new camera are identifying a range of features which make the weather-sealed K-3 ‘a contender’.

The comparison to the D7100 and 70D has an added critical added aspect in Australia: while the camera is about $100 more expensive in the US market, it is $150 – 200 less expensive in the local market, representing great value for local consumers from local retailers.

It’s also less likely to be stocked in CE discount outlets, providing specialist retailers another point of distinction from their larger competitors.

Body-only suppliers’ recommended prices are as follows:

In street price terms, Ted’s and Camera House haven’t yet posted the K3 on their websites for pre-order, while Digital Camera Warehouse has all three on offer: the Pentax for $1344, on pre-order; and $1319 for both the D7100 and the 70D.

Here’s what the pundits are saying about the K3:
– Yet what is different is that the K-3 offers a real alternative, not only in terms of resolution but also in its feature set, which wouldn’t look out of place on a professional DSLR camera.
     If the resolution and image quality match what we have seen from other cameras containing the Sony sensor, the K-3 could be a real prospect for Pentax. It could help rebuild its DSLR brand, and provide a real alternative to rival Canon and Nikon. The K-3 seems to be a camera that will allow Pentax to compete with them on the same level.
Amateur Photographer (UK)

– Not only does the K-3 feature significant changes inside and out, it also includes an industry first: on-demand low-pass filtering which lets you choose whether ultimate resolution or resistance to moiré are more important for any given shot. The attention-grabbing, mechanical alternative to an optical low-pass filter is clearly going to get all the headlines, and deservedly so, but there’s plenty else besides that makes the Pentax K-3 an exciting upgrade.
Imaging Resource

– I feel it offers what most people want in a high-end serious camera, and with those gorgeous new Limited lenses, that are SMALL yet high quality, this could be a serious contender.
     What I like? Size, Pro Build, Weather Sealed, 23 MP, up to ISO 51,200, 8FPS, 1/8000 shutter and SELECTABLE AA filter that you can turn on or off. THIS IS AWESOME! Also has in body IS, which is GREAT to have. TWO SD cards can be used which is usually reserved for true PRO bodies. Yep, this K-3 means business.
Steve Huff

– With its specification and price tag, the K-3 competes with the Canon EOS 70D and the Nikon D7100, which are top of their respective manufacturers’ enthusiast range of cameras.

…With 25 cross type sensors, it is more than found on the Nikon D7100 with 15 cross type sensors, and Canon EOS 70D with 19 cross type sensors…the K-3 viewfinder features 100 percent coverage, and 0.95x magnification. This compares favourably to the Nikon D7100 with 100 percent coverage and 0.94x magnification, and the Canon EOS 70D with 98 percent coverage and 0.95x magnification. …The Pentax K-3 has a 200,000 shot rated shutter, and this compares impressively with the 150,000 shot rating of the Nikon D7100, and the 100,000 shot rating of the Canon EOS 70D.


  1. stu stu October 17, 2013

    Pentax are great cameras,very well built exceptional image quality. The only problem is getting the Pentax name “out there” to the consumer. I have customers who come in to buy a DSLR and have said to me they have never heard of Pentax, or “they are they a chinese company”, or why aren’t they selling them at Harveys etc.. You can convince some to change from Canon or Nikon to Pentax, others won’t buy a product they say they have never heard of.

  2. Alan Small Alan Small October 17, 2013

    It can easily be overlooked that Pentax built the first Japanese SLR well before either Canon or Nikon. Who can forget the classics like
    the LX, the K1000, the superb Spotmatic series, the 6×4.5, the 6×7,
    the K2, the ‘M’ series and all the other Pentax cameras that have changed the face of photography over decades and kept Canon and Nikon on their toes. I have owned all of the above cameras and have been extolling the qualities and value of Pentax for years and have developed a following from Pentax afficionados. I still use Pentax and have many awards and have mounted many gallery exhibitions from these cameras. I will proudly use the new K3 when it gets here
    and will sell many of them. If the K3 was “in your face” in its advertising, you could simply add another $300 to the price of such an advanced camera. The K3 like the K5, can be sold to discerning
    customers who don’t necessarily want to be like everyone else. Not everyone buys a Holden or a Ford. And sure, there is the odd client that says they have never heard of the brand – although they must live on a different planet – but I just say with good humour: “that’s fine –
    Pentax have never heard of you either. But just check these features and the value….”
    Thank God Pentax is their as a quality alternative.
    Alan Small

    • Simon Simon November 4, 2013

      I’ve been using Pentax in my professional work for around 12 years, having owned both Nikon and Canon during a 45 year career. For my type of work (documentary and corporate) Pentax beats the Holden’s and Fords of the industry hands-down in image quality – their lenses are peerless in my opinion.

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