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New distributor enters local market

Brian D’Arcy, in partnership with ex-Adeal sales director, Glenn Ward, is re-joining the photographic industry with a new company, Maxxum Pty Ltd, distributing a range of photo accessories and offering a sourcing service for retailers seeking private label lines.

The Sirix brand will be carried initially on tripods  and filters imported by Maxxum.
The Sirix brand will be carried on photo accessories imported by Maxxum.

Mr D’Arcy, a former president of PICA, and an executive with over 40 years in the photo industry, retired as head of Adeal Pty Ltd around two years ago. He said that Maxxum – a brand which harkens back to Minolta SLR cameras –  had been ‘operational’ and shipping products since last October, but up until now was largely involved in sourcing for a few customers wanting private label products such as iPad covers, camera bags and screen protectors.

Maxxum will be offering a portfolio of photo accessory brands including:
Hama (Germany) which manufacturers a broad range of photo and video accessories;
Massa filters and other lens accessories (China); which Mr D’Arcy characterises as ‘similar to the Hoya Pro 1 series’;
Samyang lenses (Korea) – a niche supplier of camera and video lenses specialising in fast prime lenses with unusual focal lengths such as 8mm, 14mm, and a 500mm mirror lens;  (As such, according to Mr D’Arcy, it doesn’t compete directly with established accessory brands like Tamron, Sigma and Tokina, but rather fills gaps in what’s available;
Nanuk Cases protective cases (Canada).

In addition, Maxxum has created its own consumer brand, Sirix, which will initially be carried on a range of tripods, filters, universal battery chargers and cards readers, including a Wi-Fi version.

‘We plan to promote Sirix as a stand-alone quality brand, rather than as a house brand,’ said Mr D’Arcy.

Private label sourcing

He said that the sourcing side of the business should also prove attractive to retailer groups seeking higher margins.

‘If, say, Camera House was interested in a range of bags under the Camera House label they could talk to us and we could help them. Or iPhone cases. We would go out and find two or three options for them to choose from.’

He said the beauty of private label products was that they offered retailer chains a better margin – so that rather than paying $20 for a product which could be sold for $29.95, the wholesale price would be closer to $15.

He pointed to Woolworths and Coles, with their growing offering of private label products, as leading the way for other categories of retailing. He also said Maxxum would not restrict sourcing to the photo products.

‘If someone wants private label wheelbarrows or walking frames we are happy to source and supply wheelbarrows and walking frames,’ he said.

Mr D’Arcy said it was good to be back in harness: ‘After two years of retirement I’m having a huge amount of enjoyment back in business with Glenn. It gives gives me the opportunity to apply some of the knowledge acquired over a lifetime, which is wasted if you’re retired.’

He said that the initial plan to work three days a week had gone out the window and he was back to a five-day week.

‘So far, we’ve been made to feel very welcome,’ he said.

Maxxum Pty Ltd
Head office:
Unit 8, 1 Akuna Drive, Williamstown. 03 9397 6626

NSW: Mark Sotheren, Feature Photography Pty Ltd, 0421 795 856;  Qld: Jamie Lewis, CJL Agencies, 0438 888 899; SA: Allan Corrin, A cor Agencies; 0417 806 261; WA: Kel Mc Ervale, Jerdon Pty Ltd, 0438 888 899.

Maxxum is still seeking an a sales agent for Victoria and Tasmania.


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  1. Kris Kris February 14, 2013

    Well done Brian and Glenn!
    I wish you all the best on your new venture – You really deserve it!

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