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Kayell to distribute CamRanger wireless controllers

Kayell Australia has been appointed Australia and New Zealand distributor for the CamRanger range of wireless camera controllers for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

CamRanger2‘The CamRanger is really able to not only make things easier for photographers, but make things possible that could not otherwise be done, and we have received great feedback from the photography community, both professionals and amateurs.’ said Dave Pawlowski, founder of CamRanger. ‘We are excited to be represented by Kayell Australia and are also excited for future enhancements and improvements.’

‘When we first saw CamRanger in action we saw huge potential for this product. CamRanger offers a simple to use interface while providing users with almost complete control of their Nikon or Canon DSLR to a level that has never before been seen with other iOS, Desktop and Android Tethering Solutions,’ said Kayell’s Josh Harvey.

CamRanger has a range of up to 50m for wireless tethering and provides software support for live view; one touch focusing; intervalometer, HDR; focus stacking; live histogram; changing camera settings; record and focus during movie; client mode; night mode; experimental focus peaking; and much more. It also acts as a wireless file transmitter for supported cameras. Currently CamRanger supports over 30 different cameras, with new features and supported cameras being updated regularly.

CamRanger won the 2013 TIPA award for best Digital Accessory. It’s available now and will also be on show at the upcoming Digital Show next week in Melbourne.

No pricing details were supplied.

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