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IPS bolsters Ag-X and inkjet portfolio

Independent Photo Supplies (IPS) has added three new brands to its portfolio to mark its 10th anniversary: ZBE Chromira digital printers; Colenta silver halide RA processors; and Innova inkjet media.

Brian Gracey, managing director of top Melbourne pro lab CPL with his Chromira ProLab. CPL has been a Chomira lab since 2006.
Brian Gracey, managing director of top Melbourne pro lab CPL with his Chromira ProLab. CPL has been a ZBE Chromira lab since 2006.

The Chromira silver halide (Ag-X) printers are the  ZBE Chromira 30-inch and 50-inch standalone wide format and the ZBE Chromira 30-inch SE Prolab Printer/Processor. Colenta manufactures premium ‘widetrack’ RA processors for silver halide paper and Duratrans up to 80-inch (200cm) wide.

‘Reaching our 10th Anniversary in business, these two new premium imaging brands will support the existing Noritsu wet lab portfolio IPS offers, as they extend printing formats from 12-inch minilab sizes up to 50-inch wide digital printing format,’ said managing director, Stuart Holmes.

‘Primarily, Independent Photo (IPS) is a professional media sales and distribution company. To support sales of high quality Kodak Professional Ag-X paper, Metallic and Duratrans media to pro labs across Australia and New Zealand, IPS has invested in these two premier brands of wide-format wetlab equipment,’ he said.

IPS remains convinced that silver halide technology has an edge over competing media: ‘Silver halide is still the product to which all other technologies are compared. We at IPS believe that for pro labs in particular, it is still the fastest, highest quality and lowest cost technology available in the world today,’ said Mr Holmes.

He noted that Kodak Professional LED wide format printers, which are the mainstay of most pro labs, are ending their service life and parts availability, and that the ZBE Chromira SE 30-inch printer/processor is a ‘very worthy replacement/upgrade, giving Ag-X new life, features, an even wider format and purpose in the professional lab environment.

‘We believe that if IPS continue to support the Ag-X market by ensuring that both the capital equipment and consumable media products are available, along with technical service and IPS QC process monitoring and profiling support, then the pro lab market will continue to support this exceptional range of high quality media.’

The Colenta 140 RA 95 4Tank Digital.
The Colenta 140 RA 95 4Tank Digital.

IPS carries a wide range of spare parts and has access to prompt resupply and availability of less common parts for both Colenta and ZBE Chromira. Equipment installation and service will be carried out in conjunction with Kodak Australia’s National Service Network, with on hand support by IPS technical sales reps for all other processing and profile related issues.

In the related Inkjet imaging market, Innova inkjet media expands the existing IPS wide-format media range.

IPS is now able to cater for the high quality portfolio, fine art and exhibition print market with  heavyweight cotton rag paper media, such as the Innova Smooth Cotton High White 315gsm and Cold Press Rough Textured 315gsm fine art media.

‘As Innova has very high brand recognition as a premium range, it dovetails perfectly into IPS’s current range of wide format matte and satin canvases, and other paper media including the Kodak 255 Professional ‘E’ Surface Lustre K/Pro Professional Back Marked Paper; Ambrosia Coatings; YouFrame stretch canvas system products and related products,’ explained Mr Holmes.

IPS10_logoIPS will provide factory printer profiles online from its website, along with an individual professional digital profile service at no charge for IPS customers for a more accurate and personalised digital colour profile.

For more on ZBE Chromira, click here; on Colenta processing equipment, click here; and for Innova inkjet media, click here.


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