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Ink cost guarantee from Photo Direct

Following a lively exchange of opinion on print costs and dry lab technology, Photo Direct has added an ‘Inkjet Production Cost Guarantee‘ to its trading conditions.

Steuart Meers, Photo Direct.
Steuart Meers, Photo Direct.

‘If at the end of 12 months production, your print price average exceeds the production cost quoted by Photo Direct we’ll refund twice the difference.’ Photo Direct states on its website.

‘We know it’s important for our customers to understand their production costs so they can manage their sales prices,’ states the Photo Direct guarantee. ‘Ink coverage is a variable cost with inkjet production so it becomes difficult to determine the exact price. However Photo Direct has access to very complex estimating tools and long term ink coverage results from actual production, and using these, we can provide accurate ink coverage information.

The guarantee applies to Epson wide-format, Epson Surelab minilab , Hewlett Packard inkjet minilabs and Hewlett Packard Designjet printers, or any Inkjet printer purchased from Photo Direct.

‘We’ve been selling inkjet for seven years now and we are confident in the data we’ve acquired over that time,’ said Photo Direct’s Steuart Meers.

‘So we thought the best way to show we are confident in our production cost quotes is to put our money where our mouth is.

‘I look forward to further information from all our competitors which gives lab customers the confidence to invest, so the focus goes to growing the business, rather than how much a 4×6 print costs,’ he said.

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