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He’s from NZ and here to help!

Registrations for the PMA Convention, (September 12- 15) are running at twice the level they were at the same period last year, according to PMA director, Peter Rose.

Chris Wilkinson, First Digital.
Chris Wilkinson, First Digital.

A significant proportion of those increased registrations are coming from the framing sector, which Mr Rose says is due to the broad appeal of the convention program.

‘There are lots of crossover sessions which are of appeal to both photo retailers and framers,’ he said.

He also noted that Paul Dawson had done an outstanding job developing the PSPA (schools photographers) program on the Saturday, with session which will also appeal to anyone involved in marketing photographic services. For example, the session on dry printing featuring Stuart Holmes (Independent Photo) Steuart Meers (Photo Direct) and an executive from leading printing industry company The Currie Group, should prove one of the highlights of the convention for anyone interested in the future of ‘hard copy’.

Another presenter who always delivers valuable insights and a more global perspective is New Zealand’s Chris Wilkinson, principal of international consultancy group, First Retail.

Mr Wilkinson’s presentation is ‘Marketing for Speciality Stores’, with a more specific subtitle: ‘Fish where the fish are’.

With Chris Wilkinson’s background in the photo sector and clients across most categories he’s in a great position to develop a more universal perspective on what’s working – and what’s not.

‘Fish where the fish are’ looks at trends, opportunity and strategy that’s helping keep photo relevant in the minds of consumers.

In developing this year’s presentation he has focused on what’s happening primarily in the UK and Europe where retailers are showing innovation – and growth. It’s these markets he believes have the most in common with Australia and New Zealand – with similar consumer behaviour, expectations and values.

The comprehensive overview includes a look at how some chains are reinventing promotions to achieve success with new customer demographics. ‘What’s old is new again’ is a theme that’s driving growth with traditional photo products many have otherwise given up on.

There’s some words of warning too, with a glimpse at how ‘out of sector’ retailers are moving in on some of the hot new lines that are engaging consumers.

Online is a another key theme, with snapshots of how the best around the world are winning business and goodwill through innovation and aspiration.

The session will be chaired by industry champion Tim Jones, (Perfect Prints Hobart) and there will be time allocated for a moderated debate to follow the presentation.


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