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‘Good, better, best’ passport photo solutions

Brands Australia has developed three options for retailers interested in developing a passport photo business.

An compliance certificate can be generated with Brands Australia's Biometric ID Station to avoid rejections at Australia Post and passport offices.
An compliance certificate can be generated with Brands Australia’s Biometric ID Station to avoid rejections at Australia Post and passport offices.

‘With passport photo regulations at an all-time high level of scrutiny, it’s essential for retail outlets to have the correct hardware and knowledge to meet these strict standards,’ said Brands Australia general manager, John Rule.

Brands Australia (a member of the Biometrics Institute of Australia) is rolling out its “good, better and best” passport photo systems: the Polaroid Business in a Box; Digital Business in a Box; and Biometrics Business in a Box.

These ‘in-a-box’ systems provide all the elements any store will need to start taking passport photos instantly, said Mr Rule, with all three systems coming complete with a passport certified backdrop, lighting, cameras, and printing devices.

‘We’ve tailored our solutions to be suitable for any business size, and with our three lines we have the “good, better, and best” solutions for passport and ID photography.

‘Our mechanical Polaroid system is great for businesses starting out in ID photos; the digital system is a fantastic upgrade for those looking at a digital solution; and our Biometric ID Station is a top-of-the-line passport imaging solution.’

Brands Australia is the first company in Australia to offer a passport system which features ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) biometrics software technology and runs the photo through over 30 specification tests. This is done before the photo is printed to reduce wastage. A compliance certificate can be printed and submitted with the passport application to reduce photo rejections.

All three passport photo systems by Brands Australia are provided with complete installation, in-store training for staff, and ongoing phone and email support for customers.

‘We’re not in the business of simply delivering you a passport system and expecting you to figure it out yourself. One of our trained professionals will visit you on-site, assist you with the installation, train your staff on passport regulations and ensure everything works correctly. From then on, we’re with you every step of the way through phone support, in-store support and, in the case of our top-of-the-line ID Station, we can even log-in remotely and assess any issues that may arise on your system,’ said Mr Rule.

For more information, visit the Brands Australia website: or  contact customer service on 1300 728 606.

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  1. Chris Chris February 23, 2013

    We put 1 in & it has really paid dividends. I’ve heard the knockers complain about the cost per print, but it more than makes up for it in time. If you have a big print order going through it means you can still do passports & the customer doesn’t have to wait until you’ve finished the job you’re on – 3 minutes to load & print on a passport printer versus up to 10 minutes to load & print through the minilab (if you have no other prints going through).

    People forget time is money, & this printer takes a lot of the guess work out of doing passport & visa photos.

    As of 1 January a lot of visa specs changed. Toll visa is the most up to date site for these specs at the moment.

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