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Enthusiasts main market for photo printing

A recent Infotrends study of the US photo retailing market shows that enthusiasts, rather than family snapshooters, are the biggest buyers of printed photo products.

The percentages represent the portion of the group which has purchased printed photographic products.
The percentages represent the portion of the group which has purchased printed photographic products.


In the Infotrends survey of 1500 US consumers, only 32 percent of ‘snapshot photographers’ and ’45 percent of ‘family memory-keeper’ photographers had ordered any kind of photo merchandise product in the last year (photo cards, books and calendars, canvas or posters). Those percentages rose to 57 percent for hobbyist photographers and 71 percent for advanced hobbyist photographers.

These enthusiast photographers are more likely to want to see their work on display, and are also more aware of just how vulnerable to destruction digital image files are.

Hobbyist/advanced hobbyist photographers also make significantly more traditional photo prints than the snapshot or family memory-keeper photographers, from both digital cameras and mobile devices.

InfoTrends research from the same study also shows that hobbyist/advanced hobbyist photographers that are already photo merchandise buyers are much more likely than snapshot and family memory-keepers to buy these types of products again in the next year. Hobbyist/advanced hobbyist photographers also spend significantly more on photo products during the year.

This hobbyists/advanced hobbyist group also represents a decent chunk of the US population – 27 percent. 

Infotrends said that ‘this group also has a strong influence on the buying habits of friends and family that may fall into the snapshot of family memory-keeper photographer categories.Chart1_thumb

‘Word of mouth advertising is a key driver for first-time photo merchandise purchases, and it’s very likely that snapshot or family memory-keepers that have hobbyist photographer friends are going to turn to them for advice not only for camera purchases, but also for advice on the buying of products like photo books, canvas and photo panels.’

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