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DxO software to sell via retailers

Maxwell International has confirmed it has concluded an agreement to become exclusive distributor of the full suite of DxO imaging software in Australia, following a well-received preview presentation of key features at The Digital Show in Melbourne last month.

dxoThe three products in the software suite are: DxO Optics Pro; DxO FilmPack; and DxO DxO Viewpoint 2. Product will ship immediately.

‘We are proud to bring to Australia three remarkable programs for photo enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike,’ said Maxwell International managing director, John Swainston.

‘These products will be available initially only as shrink-wrapped software from leading retailers, but once you have purchased these software packages, new camera RAW processing and lens modules will be available to you for the time you continue to use the software. This differs markedly from other vendors who only offer the latest RAW processing and lens modules when you upgrade software.

‘This is not a cloud-based subscription product. It also is not “bloatware”. You buy the imaging processing modules you need for your picture enhancement and nothing more. And you have a perpetual licence that does not expire after a year’s use. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but there are lots of people who tell us they prefer physical discs that they can continue to use, once acquired.’

DxO-Optics-Pro-8-Std#ACF006DxO Optics Pro
– Reduces noise, optimises exposure and contrast, enhances colours and boosts detail;
– Adjusts sharpness selectively on a scene-dependent basis for lens softness, determined by the lens metadata embedded in digital files;
– An ‘unparalleled’ raw image converter, constantly updated for the latest camera offerings;
– An exhaustive optical database of lens performance to ensure the most accurate optical correction;
– Almost infinite personalisation of tool arrangements and personal workflow preference through a customisable interface, offered in intermediate and advanced user settings;
– Superior colour management;
– Reveals the tiniest of detail through optimised light and contrast control;
– Counters shadow noise and makes the most of the existing light’s natural mood;
– Geometrical correction for incorrect optical perspective and loss of linear accuracy with DxO’s exclusive volume anamorphosis correction;
– A unique dust removal capability, applied to a single image or across a batch, depending on preferred workflow.

Optics Pro 8, the current release, is available in Standard (APS sensor size) ) and Elite (APS and full-frame sensors) editions. The software is available for Mac or PC.

DxO-ViewPoint-2_webDxO FilmPack
This software emulates the most famous film emulsions, black & white, as well as colour positive and negative.
– A range of available ‘Designer’ colour and black & white renderings;
– A range of filters that faithfully emulate optical adjustment;
– Correct production of colour, contrast, tone, saturation, grain from a large range of different film types.

DxO FilmPack 4, the current release, comes in two versions, with the FilmPack Essential Edition providing 16 separate colour slide films, 6 colour negative films, and 13 black & white emulsions, as well as the grain characteristics of 33 film grains. FilmPack Expert Edition adds 13 more black & white film types, 10 more colour slide films and 6 more colour neg films, as well as a host of added textures, special effects, batch processing, and import-export capability for renderings. The software is available for Mac or PC.

DxO-FilmPack-4---Exp#ACE54FDxO Viewpoint 2
The newest member of the DxO family is ViewPoint 2, an advanced software program that fixes distorted perspectives in images, no matter how complex.

Viewpoint 2 includes:
– A new and exclusive 8-point perspective correction mode;
– A new ‘natural’ setting that adjusts the intensity of correction to give a more subtle and pleasing appearance to extreme prior distortion;
– Perfectly mastered straight lines, to ensure what should be vertical or horizontal actually is, and corrects minute or severe optical spherical aberrations with ease – and mathematical accuracy;
– Advanced cropping to maximise the visible field of a corrected image.

Viewpoint 2 is now compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe LightRoom. It runs as a separate program or as a plug-in to the above software, and is available for Mac or PC.

In addition to its RAW conversion and image quality enhancement software above, DxO supplies embedded software, firmware and optical designs for still and video image processing and image quality evaluation and measurement tools and systems.

Another division of the company, which draws on more than a decade of optical science and imaging sensor performance research, is DxOMark. The website publishes detailed independent technical evaluations of cameras and lenses, enabling consumers to gain detailed technical evaluations of the real-world performance of these products under objective measurement criteria, and under directly comparable measurement methodology.

DxO is headquartered in France, with offices in the USA, Japan and Korea.


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