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DxO says Sony a7R among best so far

According to bench-testing by DxO Labs, the recently announced 36-megapixel Sony a7R is only bettered in image quality by the Nikon D800E.

The Sony a7R's 36-megapixel sensor delivers superior image quality, according to DxO
The Sony a7R’s 36-megapixel sensor delivers superior image quality, according to DxO

This places the new full-frame mirrorless interchangeable model from Sony well to the fore among other mirrorless interchangeables, and among the best professional-standard DSLRs. ‘… the image quality of the a7R is notable as one of the best performing sensors ever analyzed in our labs,’ stated the DxO review.

The a7r scored 95 in the DxO Mark ratings, along with the Nikon D800, while the D800E (the D800 without an anti-aliasing filter) is at the top of the rankings with 96. (Nikon, Sony and medium-format camera-maker Phase One share all top 10 DxO rankings among them.)

‘Compared to the 36-megapixel Nikon D800 models, the results are very similar indeed, implying the new Sony a7R uses the same (Sony-made) sensor,’ the review concluded.

‘The differences in individual metrics are close enough to be within our tolerances for testing, however, it maybe also be down to the differences in the filters or the imaging chain in more general terms. In real world use, the variance in low-light scores is negligible…’







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