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DNP printers into Australia Post

JA Davey has had a major success with its DNP thermal transfer photo printers, which have been integrated into a new passport/ID photo system being installed in over almost 800 Australia Post post office stores around Australia.

The deal represents a major boost to JA Davey’s printer business.

The DNP 'DS' series printers are  designed to keep dust out .
The DNP ‘DS’ series printers are designed to keep dust out .

JA Davey delivers the DNP DS40 printers to ABNote, the direct contractor to Australia Post. The DNP DS40 (6-inch) printers are combined with ABNote’s software and Canon cameras to deliver Australia Post stores a complete passport/ID photo solution.

The ABNote software prevents the camera from firing unless the subject is looking directly at the camera, with eyes open, etc, eliminating wastage.

Standard pricing for ID photos from Australia Post is advertised on the AP website as $15.95.

ABNote does the install into the Australia Post outlets, with JA Davey responsible for warranty repairs. Jon McBriar, JA Davey product manager, Photographics, said he doesn’t expect the warranty commitment to be too onerous.

‘We’ve sold 1000s of these units and are yet to replace one printhead so far. DNP has specifically designed their range of dye sublimation printers to minimise the amount of dust able to penetrate and damage the printer’s internals,’ he said.

The deal with ABNote has also given JA Davey a greater opportunity to sell DNP’s own DS ID400 passport system into LPOs (licensed post offices).

Mr McBriar said that JA Davey had ‘done extremely well’ so far with the ID400, making sales of the wireless transfer system to pharmacies and camera stores around the country.

Dai Nippon printing (DNP) invented dye sublimation photo printing technology and continues to be the world’s largest manufacturer of dye-sublimation ribbons, noted Mr McBriar.

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  1. jared Martin jared Martin July 26, 2013

    Hello… i’m in the market for a DNP DS40. do you sell them and if so can you please send me some pricing for them. 🙂


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