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Corel exploits Adobe’s hubris

Imaging editing software developer Corel is exploiting the dissatisfaction from a proportion of the Adobe customer base forced on to a subscription-only model with special offers to current Adobe Creative Suite users.

PaintShop Pro X5 incorporates a Raw file converter, essential for keen enthusiast and professional use.
PaintShop Pro X5 incorporates a Raw file converter, essential for keen enthusiast and professional use. No MAC version, though.

While some Adobe customers will have no issue with the change Adobe has made, others – those who don’t purchase every version upgrade or only use bit of the entire Creative Suite, will find using Adobe software more expensive.

Others simply don’t like being forced to ‘take it or leave it’ by an arrogant supplier which seems to believe it has its customers over a barrel.

Disenchanted customers are articulating their displeasure on Adobe blogs and in online petitions. The largest, at, already has over 22,000 signatories in just over two weeks.

Corel, a long-established Canadian-based software company (remember WordPerfect?)  has announced a sweetener to Adobe customers in the form of discounts of up to 60 percent off retail – which is already just a fraction of the ‘what the market will bear’ Adobe pricing. It has also assured customers that it won’t be moving to a subscription-only model. Corel has a range of options including a ‘premium membership’ where users get regular software upgrades and a perpetual software licence.

A call to Corel confirmed that the offer is available to Corel customers in Australia. We are awaiting details on how retailers can become Corel stockists.

To receive the special upgrade pricing, a proof of (Adobe) purchase will be needed. Products in Corel’s portfolio are available for 30-day free trial.

Unfortunately, much of the Corel software portfolio, including PaintShop Pro (photo editing) and CorelDraw (graphics and web design) do not come in Mac versions, which will lower levels of interest from professional photographers and designers.

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