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Canon press campaign features top retailers

Canon Australia kicks off a national press campaign today (Thursday, May 16) aimed at ‘drawing consumer attention to the great value to be had at authorised Canon retailers and encouraging consumers to go in-store to pick up a deal.’

The NSW version of the Canon retailer print ad.
The NSW version of the Canon retailer print ad.

The campaign will run for seven weeks in the major News Limited papers in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA. Canon characterised the ad spend on the campaign as ‘significant’.

Peter Michael, managing director of leading Melbourne photo specialist Michaels CVD, is a strong supporter of Canon’s recent initiatives, including the new campaign:

‘I have not seen Canon’s full campaign but believe that I have the gist of it,’ he stated. ‘In our view, Canon’s recent initiatives to assist us to provide globally competitive pricing to our customers (price harmonisation) is brilliant. We’ve already seen a sharp increase in Canon sales after their price re-positioning several weeks ago.

‘We are confident that Canon’s significant investment in these marketing initiatives will translate directly to a marked increase in sales for Canon Australia and all its dealers.

This is true win-win: Canon Australia wins – increased Australian sales; dealers win – increased Canon sales; our customers win – global pricing, local service, local advice and local support,’ he concluded.

‘We’re making every effort to grow the local market and are investing heavily in retail partnerships to drive growth by offering consumers a great imaging experience and fantastic value,’ said Jason McLean, director, Canon Consumer Imaging, Canon Australia.

‘This year alone we’ve invested millions to help authorised retailers offer very competitive pricing and we’re actively making consumers aware that the value locally has never been so good.’

The campaign follows the launch in April of the company’s largest-ever marketing campaign ‘No One Sees It Like You’, aimed at engaging consumers in the complete imaging experience and drawing attention to Canon locally.

Also, ‘noting that Recommended Retail Pricing was being used to make unfair price comparisons with overseas selling prices online, Canon Australia took the step of not publishing RRPs and instead encouraging consumers and media alike to compare local value based on actual transacted store pricing,’ stated the Canon press release.

‘At a time of significant market change we’re making bold moves to achieve market growth in Australia from which we all benefit,’ said Mr McLean. ‘With the best range, the unique ability to offer consumers the complete imaging experience from capture to output, and very competitive local pricing, Canon and our partners are well positioned to grow in 2013.’


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