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Adeal launches DSLR battery grip range

Adeal has announced the release of a range of Pixel brand battery grips for Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

pixel_battgrip_v6Adeal says the Pixel battery grips offer excellent battery life performance and are made from quality material, with a rubber outer to provide a solid handgrip for the camera.

They come equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button plus a multi-function control button and multi-functional custom buttons.

In addition, Pixel battery grips holds either AA batteries or Li-ion batteries to provide extra long battery life and increased flexibility in camera use.

They offer a saving of $100 or more compared to the equivalent Canon and Nikon-branded accessories. Prices range from $130 to $250 RRP depending on DSLR model.

There are Pixel battery grips available for the following Nikon models: D300, D700, D7000, D800/E, D600, D80/90. Canon models covered are: 5D Mk II/III, 7D, 550D/600D,and 60D.

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