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Turn-key ID system at Digital Show

APS affiliate Brands Australia will show ID Station’s world-first ‘Biometrics Business in a Box’ passport photography package for retailers and corporate/government human resource departments at The Digital Show in Melbourne, May 25 – 27.

Biometrics Business in a Box is a cost-effective system that delivers a fool-proof means of achieving biometric passport photographs. It is International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and ISO compliant and approved.

The Biometrics Business in a Box ‘box’ contains an SLR camera with WiFi ability, touch screen system loaded with biometric checking software, a roll printer, background lighting including a slave flash unit, retractable backdrop, rechargeable batteries and charger, POS material (flags and posters) and DFAT Passport regulation information.

Brands Australia, headed up by long-time passport photography specialist, John Rule, says the ID Station ‘Biometrics Business in a Box’ is the first ever package that provides absolutely everything required to take ICAO compliant passport photographs. The package contains a simple software program that ensures each photograph meets the very complex and stringent ISO/ICAO criteria stipulated in this new era of high-level security.

The latest standards for biometric passport photographs, set out by the ICAO, are both intricate and exacting and have been adopted worldwide as the most effective and least intrusive way of boosting passport security. The goal for ID Station was to devise a system that fulfilled all the requirements set down by DFAT and ICAO, but could be used correctly and efficiently by the most inexperienced operator.

Biometrics Business in a Box features fully automatic processing, accessed by touch screen control, which will calculate the perfect cropping and alignment and check every ID photograph with ICAO specifications before printing or saving.

It’s a turn-key solution – simply connect the cables, insert the proprietary Eye-Fi wi-fi card into the camera and it’s ready to go. The SLR camera supplied with the system is also wi-fi card-enabled for wireless control.

When the proposed image has been approved by the system the photographs can be printed with just one click – the user is able to select from many print options and also create and modify print templates and logos, etc. The ID photograph can also be saved to file, disc, DVD, USB stick or memory card.

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  1. PG PG May 3, 2012

    I love the simplicity of the system, looks like all PO’s will get them and we just may need to follow. Cost is like going back 10 years and using “Polaroid” again, expensive but….

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