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Tasco adds to ‘actioncam’ options

Tasco has announced the launch of a new line of outdoor/lifestyle ‘actioncams’ under the brand GoCam, with the first model priced at under $300 RRP.

This new breed of rugged active-lifestyle cameras’ which can be mounted to a helmet, wrist or even a surfboard or kayak, are designed to capture images while the photographer is out and about biking, running, surfing, etc. They proved a big seller over the summer season, according to leading retailers, and a affordably-priced alternative from an established photo retailing distributor will be a welcome option.

The GoCam from Tasco captures video at full HD resolution (1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps) and five-megapixel stills via a CMOS sensor.

It is waterproof to 5 metres and at just 140 grams is exceptionally light in weight – essential for a go-anywhere capture device.

Included in the package is a head mount, a helmet mount and a surf mount, in addition to a wrist-mounted remote control unit and a a car charger for the Li-ion rechargeable battery (which supports 2.5 hours of video recording).

The GoCam has 32MB of memory on-board and supports memory cards up to 32GB. Camcorder and camera operation is automatic, with a manual option available. It also has a GPS function. The LCD screen/viewfinder is 1.5-inches.

When not taking pictures, the GoCam even doubles as an FM radio!

Available now, the GoCam has an RRP of $289, with Tasco noting this includes a generous margin for retailers. Phone 02 9938 3244.


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  1. Graham Glamuzina Graham Glamuzina April 14, 2012

    Have you any represntation in New Zealand? I own Progear Limited
    a professional p[hoto store in Auckland New Zealand and note there is little Tasco product in our market. Pleasea advise. Progear is NZ agent for
    B+W Schneider Germany
    Think Tank bags (USA)
    Wimberley tripod units (USA)
    Tiffen Domke Steadicam (USA)

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