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Stewart Pickersgill moves to CR Kennedy

January 16, 2012: CR Kennedy has appointed Stewart Pickersgill to the newly-created position of national Ricoh product manager.

Stewart Pickersgill has accompanied Ricoh cameras in the move from Tasco to CR Kennedy .

The appointment follows the announcement in December that Ricoh digital cameras would be distributed by CR Kennedy effective February 1, 2012. In line with Ricoh’s worldwide acquisition of Pentax in October 2011, the move brings the Ricoh and Pentax brands together under the one Australian distributor.

CR Kennedy is the world’s oldest distributor of Pentax cameras and also distributes Hasselblad, Sigma, Carl Zeiss and Schneider lenses as well as a range of photographic accessories.

‘Ricoh is one of the imaging industry’s most innovative brands with a range of compact and interchangeable cameras that are renowned for delivering superior image quality and award-winning photo-centric design,’ said CR Kennedy executive, Clem Kennedy.

‘We are very pleased to represent Ricoh in the Australian marketplace and are confident we can build on the brand’s previous successes both through our own expertise and industry relationships, and through the appointment of Stewart Pickersgill. Stewart’s experience and passion for Ricoh is unmatched and he will be a valuable addition to the team at CR Kennedy.’

Stewart Pickersgill said he was excited about continuing his association with Ricoh and joining the team at CR Kennedy.

‘In 23 years with Ricoh cameras in Australia I have seen much change to the industry and, of course, been through many changes with Ricoh. But never have I been more excited about the future of Ricoh in the Australian market than I am now with CR Kennedy’s commitment and marketing philosophy to camera distribution,’ he said.

‘The new Pentax-Ricoh association has also created much excitement about upcoming product road maps and I am looking forward to seeing and working with the future developments of both brands.'[

Pickersgill was formerly general manager, Camera Sales Division, Tasco Sales Australia, the previous distributor of Ricoh digital cameras. Prior to this, he was the national sales manager, Photographics, Ricoh Australia and held various sales roles at Ricoh Australia dating back to 1989.

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  1. John Swainston John Swainston January 19, 2012

    All of us in the industry would wish Stewart well in this move. He has done more for the Ricoh brand than almost anyone else in those 20+ years. Congrats Stewart.

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