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Schneider launches iPhone lenses

Schneider Optics has created an ingenious accessory lens system for the Apple iPhone, the iPro lens system.

The product is built around an aluminium case, to which separate fisheye and wide-angle lenses can be attached. The case also attaches to a tripod.

Lens-housings are made from anodized aluminium to prevent wear when twisting lenses in and out of the case. Lenses can be fitted and removed quickly and easily, courtesy of bayonet-style fitting.

The lenses have an anti-reflection coating and are painted at the edges to reduce lens flare.

The wide angle lens affords a 35 percent wider field of view ‘with minimal distortion and edge-to-edge sharpness’ while the fisheye lens increases the field of view to 165 degrees.

The three-in-one tripod mount adaptor is also a lens case as well as a handle, which Schneider Optics says helps in taking steadier shots.

The iPro has a US$199 price point and it appears there is no current A/NZ distributor. Schneider has also flagged a compatible telephoto lens to be released in April for around $100.

The Schneider iPro joins a range of accessory lenses for iPhones (although none of the others are from such a venerable optics manufacturer as Schneider).

There’s even an adaptor available for marrying Nikon and Canon SLR lenses to an iPhone!

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