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PMA retains conference role

PMA has confirmed it will be holding a retailer conference in conjunction with The Digital Show, scheduled for September 13 – 15, 2013. 

In additiion, PMA and IDEA may work together on a Sydney event for earlier in the year. PMA has aleady floated the notion of  a series of equipment roadshows combined with educational seminars for next March/April. (See story.) 

IDEA referred to a Sydney event in the second quarter of 2013 in the press release announcing the dates for its annual equipment show.

IDEA’s chief exective, Katherine Singson met with PMA director, Australian activities, Peter Rose tomorrow (September 1) following a meeting of members of the IDEA board last weekend.  

‘You would hope so,’ responded Peter Rose when asked about the possibility of pooling resources with IDEA for a Sydney show. 

‘There is no point in competing for the same audience in the same industry,’ he said.

New revenue streams

The agreement between IDEA and PMA in relation to the exhibition and conference has, over the past two years, has provided PMA with one of its major source of funds.

PMA’s recent initiatives in holding enthusiast educational workshops and now the mooted trade roadshow is in part a means of expanding the retailer association’s sources of revenue.

The Courvoisier roadshow has encouraged PMA to move forward with a second enthusiast roadshow series prior to Christmas.

‘The tour was a success .We covered our costs and are a lot more aware as to what works and what doesn’t,’ said Mr Rose.

‘The feedback we received from participants – all were surveyed after the event – was very encouraging and indicated clearly we are on the right track.

‘We are working right now on our 12-month program which we are planning to commence early October.’

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