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PicPress opts for Kodak digital press paper

Photobook specialist PicPress has has announced its new hardcover range, ‘Lumina‘ will be printed on Kodak’s EP digital paper, which delivers a look and feel of Endura Professional E paper when printed on an Indigo 5500 digital press.
Page weight is 220gsm, and Lumina photobooks are available in eight sizes from 6×6 ($74.10) to 12×16-inch ($245). The standard number of pages is 20, with the option of a maximum 160pp.
‘I’ve been in the photographic industry for decades and having seen many different substrates, Lumina is the closest to lustre paper by far. The look, feel, and depth of colour give me a slightly nostalgic feeling of photo paper, though it’s industry leading digital technology at its best,’ said Michael Warshall, executive director.
PicPress is part of the Nulab group. For more information:

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