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Photo Direct offers sports collage service

Photo Direct has added sports collages to the range of services it offers through its photo restoration wholesale fulfilment operation.

Retailers can sign up to the service at no charge. When a customer comes in wanting a photo restoration or sports collage, retailers can confidently offer that  restoration/enhancement product, with the time-consuming image file work handled remotely.

Once the retailer has scanned the customer’s images the file goes offshore, and the restored/manipulated file is returned to the retailer for printing and framing.

Three to four customer images can be used in the collage, along with customised text.  Collage poster sizes are only limited by the image file size and the retailer’s printing capability.

Sports featured in the collage service are basketball, soccer, rugby league, cricket or baseball.

Turnaround time is five to seven days, and pricing is entirely set by the retailer.

For more details on Photo Direct’s photo restoration services including the new sports collage offer, contact Photo Direct on (613) 9894 1644 for more information

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