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Photo and neg scanner from Kaiser Baas

Kaiser Baas has announced a new Photo & Negative Scanner which scans photos and documents to A4 size, and 35mm negatives.

The sheet-fed Photo & Negative Scanner works without being tethered to a computer, saving files as high-res JPEGs direct to an SD/SDHC card. As it doesn’t use a glass platen for scanning, the unit is very compact.

An A4 enlargement can be scanned at 600dpi in 60 seconds, while a set of six 35mm negative frames will take just 71 seconds to scan at the unit’s top resolution of 1200dpi. It can be operated via mains power or 4 x AAA batteries.

RRP is $230.


  1. Caines Jannif Limited (FIJI) Caines Jannif Limited (FIJI) 23/11/2012

    Can we have more details on this unit, and will you export to Fiji?

  2. Robby Scheffer Robby Scheffer 28/11/2012

    Sounds to good to be true for the price, I wonder how good the actual quality is, If it is as good as it said I’ll have one But proof first.

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