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Online sales will level out, says report

Research by AMP Capital Shopping Centres indicates online spending in Australia and New Zealand will level out at 15 per cent of total retail sales by 2015, according to news agency, AAP.

Online retail sales made up just over 5 percent of total sales in Australia and New Zealand, according to the AMP data. This compares to 9 percent in the UK and 7.5 percent in the US.

AMP Capital Shopping Centres marketing manager Desiree Clark told AAP that projected growth for online sales in Australia and New Zealand is almost identical, with NZ tending to mimic Austrlaia. (Though which country is ‘mimicking’ the other probably depends on where you live!)

COMMENT 1: It’s good to finally see a report which doesn’t assume online sales increasing year on year until the ultimate demise of the retail store as we know it! Just because online sales increased X percent this year doesn’t mean the figure next year will be 2X, and so on. This is simplistic, even dumb, thinking from unaccountable, often self-interested ‘social media gurus’ which simply increases already high anxiety levels among retailers, and can lead to poor decisions if one is naive enough to believe them.  

COMMENT 2: The research is by a major owner of shopping malls – hardly an unbiased source!

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