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Olympus TG-1: Bright AND Tough

Olympus Imaging Australia has announced the Tough TG-1, its flagship Tough camera model and ‘the most rugged Olympus Tough camera to date’.

– But the TG-1 is not only tougher than two separate chapters of The Hells Angels, it’s bright too. And the RRP of $499 is not going to send customers off to some foreign website!

Equipped with a wide aperture f2 zoom lens, which Olympus says is ‘brightest in the class’ the TG-1 offers better performance in low-light conditions. It also has a faster-responding GPS system.

The TG-1 has a 12 megapixel BSI (back-side illumination) CMOS sensor, new generation TruePic VI image processor, and Olympus’ latest iHS technology for rapid camera response. It’s waterproof to 12m and shockproof to 2m.

The f2 lens is a wide-angle 4x zoom ranging from 25-100mm (equivalent in the 35mm film format), and the internal zooming optical system is designed to retain precise optical accuracy, even when the camera is dropped or knocked.

The lens has four aspherical lens elements and special ED glass (Extra-low Dispersion glass), for superior image quality.

Using its new generation A-GPS system, the TG-1 enables users to pre-load satellite coordinates to speed up satellite-acquisition. Using this technology, the names of 700,000 landmarks from 195 countries are automatically displayed on screen and captured with each shot. The GPS Logger function also enables users to map their route via Google Earth while travelling with the camera.

A built-in electronic compass works with the GPS unit to provide direction, longitude and latitude information in the special ‘Active Gear’ display mode. Active Gear can be displayed on screen, even when the rest of the camera is switched off.

The camera has a 3-inch OLED screen (610K) and a built-in LED macro light.

Two optional waterproof lens converters can be attached directly to the TG-1 using an adapter ring (CLA-T01) to provide fisheye wide-angle capability (FCON-T01) and extended telephoto lens reach (TCON-T01).



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