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New print scanner for iPads

Kaiser Baas was a late entrant to The Digital Show in Melbourne last weekend, and the small stand generated a lot of interest with retailers and consumers alike searching for something different.

Kaiser Baas was one of the first distributors to bring digital frames to the local market and still offers a full range of frames up to 15-inches. It has recently expanded its product portfolio to include a line of scanners, with other products to follow.

Among these is a recently released 35mm neg and slide scanner, a print scanner and and an iPad photo scanner.

The Kaiser Baas PhotoMaker (pictured right) easily and conveniently converts 35mm negs and slides to JPEG format digital files at 5 megapixels. It’s compatible with both PC and MAC, and comes with an an airbrush to clean up negatives and slides prior to scanning and gloves to assist achieve clean scans.

The easy-to-use editing software, which is also included, allow you to tweak and improve the appearance of your images prior to printing, e-mailing, archiving or burning the photos to CD or DVD.

RRP is $69.95.

The Kaiser Baas mini PhotoScanner allows scanning and saving of photographic prints up to 6×4-inches to JPEG format. It scans direct to SD Card or USB Stick and can also connect to a PC or Laptop whereby you can scan to the screen, edit and save. It can also be used to scan receipts and other documents.

RRP is $99.95

Kaiser Baas says its iPad PhotoScanner (pictured right) is the only product of its kind currently available in Australia and destined to be a ‘must-have’ for 2012. It also acts as a docking and charging station for an iPad, and can scan up to A4 size photos and documents with a push of a button. It scans at 300dpi and is fully compatible with Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3. There’es a real-time preview screen to view the photo or document while scanning.

A free, compatible i-Scan app is available from the Apple App Store.

RRP is $199.95.

Kaiser Baas: 1800 657 601

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