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New flagship for Hasselblad marque

Hasselblad is set to launch a new flagship H5D medium format camera series at a press conference at Photokina next Tuesday, September 18.

The next generation Hasselblad H5D features a modernised design and a complete new electronic engine ‘to pave the way for ultimate quality imaging, for print-ready JPEG files, and for a smooth and intuitive user interface.’

The camera is billed by the Sweden-based company as ‘the latest step in the evolution of the best high-end camera system in the world’.

Key features:
• New H System lens: HCD 4.8/24mm, equivalent to 17 mm on 35 mm DSLR format;
• New Macro Converter, for superior close-up performance with wide angle lenses;
• RAW + JPEG mode for quick preview and print;
• New True Focus II provides unique, accurate focus and Immediate focus confirm;
• Full access to camera information and image preview on rear in tethered mode;
• The largest, brightest viewfinder image on the market;
• New larger, more ergonomic buttons and an easier to read display style;
• New sealing for improved weather proofing plus new sensor unit safety lock;
• Optional battery adapter for standalone operation of digital capture unit;
• Ultimate image quality with Hasselblad Natural Color Solution;
• A choice of software: Hasselblad Phocus 2.7 and Adobe Lightroom 4 both included.

The new lens offers the same performance as the HCD 28 mm and is the equivalent of a 17mm on 35mm DSLR format. Additionally, a new Macro Converter provides close-up performance with the HC 50, HCD 28 and HC 35 lenses – negating the need for additional macro lens purchase.

‘Our new True Focus II further advances focusing accuracy after re-compose, and
an intuitive focus check has been added. The new hardware architecture allows for delivering print-ready JPEG files in addition to the superb RAW files,’ said Peter Stig-Nielsen, Hasselblad’s director of Professional Camera Products.

‘And we have re-written the user interface to achieve a smooth and intuitive operation. All in all we believe the H5D Camera series will provide the ultimate high-end addition to any serious photographer’s capture equipment.’

The H5D Series will be available as models with 40-, 50- and 60-megapixels as well as 50- and 200-megapixel Multi-Shot versions, and will start shipping globally in December 2012.

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