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MyTego the way to go, says Photo Direct

Photo Direct says it has a winner with its MyTego custom vinyl skins business, and is inviting retailers with websites to get involved.

MyTego skins offer an easy and inexpensive way for people to customise their personal devices – and for photo retailers to bring in some new revenue.

Photo Direct’s marketing manager, Tracy Lints, says that Australians have enthusiastically taken to the idea of creating customised vinyl skins for their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Sales are well ahead of expectation, she said.

‘Consumers are not only purchasing multiple orders but are also creating skins using both their own photos as well as images from the website’s extensive library. The site ( is extremely easy for people to navigate and customers have a wide choice of popular brands and models from which to choose.

She added that MyTego was one of the first websites to offer local iPhone 5 users a customised vinyl skin.

The market for making custom skins for phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices is developing at a rapid pace, as people who have just purchased a cool new laptop or smartphone want people to notice it.

Another market is business owners and executives who see the value in promoting their brand or products with skins featuring company logos and images.

Ms Lints said that MyTego is also reaching new target markets by offering skins for mobile devices as well as gaming machines, Guitar Hero and MP3 players.

‘A website like MyTego totally opens up the traditional photo retail market and that’s very exciting given today’s trading conditions.’

Photo Direct offers retailers an affiliate program that enables them to make money by helping spread the MyTego word. Simply by adding a unique link on your website site or blog you will earn 15 percent of whatever is ordered, less the shipping cost.

For more information visit or speak to a your Photo Direct sales rep.

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