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LensPen goes to CR Kennedy

CR. Kennedy & Co has been appointed exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of LensPen products, effective March 1.

The LensPen Pro Kit

LensPen offers a wide range of products to keep digital cameras, lenses, binoculars and scopes, smart phones and tablets clean and dust-free.

‘CR Kennedy is extremely excited with the  pportunity to work with LensPen and in assuming the responsibility as their exclusive distributor to the Australian and New Zealand markets. We have a long history in distribution and marketing in the both
countries and look forward to expanding LensPen’s sales with our dealers,’ said Stewart Pickersgill, national product manager, CR Kennedy.

The LensPen Original features a retractable  natural goat-hair brush for removing dust and potentially abrasive particles. For fingerprints or other soil marks, the patented carbon-embedded chamois tip provides safe removal.

The announcement coincides with the launch of new, improved and redesigned LensPen products. The new products will be shorter than the original versions, with a more stylish contoured body design. The pens will feature a new twist cap which will ensure  replenishment of the carbon tip and longer life. The products will be displayed in new eye-catching packaging.

The LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit includes everything needed to professionally
clean dust and dirt from Digital SLR sensors. Lenspen claims that only the SensorKlear Loupe and SensorKlear II pen combination allows you to see and clean a DSLR sensor at the same time – a quantum leap forward in the world of DSLR sensor cleaning.

NASA purchased a substantial number of the SensorKlear Loupe Kits for use on both the Space Shuttle and the Space Station to ensure the quality of photographs taken on both important vehicles and thus proving the value of this technology.

The new LensPen sidekick is designed for cleaning tablets. It has a sleek design with a  large pad incorporating the patented carbon compound to remove fingerprints and  smudges effortlessly and effectively.

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