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Ideas Exchange pictorial

Photo Counter presents a collage of images from the PMA Ideas Exchange, hosted by Bill McCurry. Pics courtesy Alan Logue (Hutt St Photos) and John Swainston (Maxwell International):


Last Thursday, DIMA Day at The Digital Conference in Melbourne. over 70 enthusiastic PMA members from Australia and New Zealand were luxuriously bussed from The Melbourne Convention Centre to the Pumphouse Hotel, Fitzroy to take part in what turned out to be an informative, fun evening of sharing ideas between like-minded retailers and suppliers.

Bill McCurry handled the enthusiastic audience with aplomb, as usual, and was able to bring out the ideas that flow so well in these sessions.

The purpose of the night was to combine the best aspects of a typical PMA Marketing Ideas Exchange with a social evening to allow a ‘wind down’ after a full and fulfilling day of DIMA conference sessions.

The lead group shot in this collage comes from Maxwell International’s John Swainston, while the other images at The Pumphouse are courtesy of Alan Logue, Hutt St Photos.

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