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Harvey Norman to sell Adobe via Fujifilm

Fujifilm Australia partnership with Harvey Norman to retail consumer software from kiosks has expanded with the inclusion of Adobe titles to the ‘On Demand’ digital media library.

Fujifilm says the On Demand software retailing system will eventually be available to retailers beyond Harvey Norman, and include movie and music downloads as well as software and games.

Orange Fujifilm ‘On Demand’ kiosks and infrastructure are installed in 26 Harvey Norman stores across New South Wales and Victoria, and currently offer a catalogue of over 1000 software titles, including Symantec, Trend Micro, Corel and now Adobe.

‘At this point in time the On Demand system is limited to Harvey Norman, but as we build up the catalogue of available titles to cover games, music etc we plan to go out to the broader retail market,’ said David Pritchard, sales manager, Cloudnet, Fujifilm Australia.

‘Sales are growing each month. One of the main benefits to the system is that it allows a retailer to manufacture just-in-time stock for fast selling titles rather than hold significant inventory,’ he explained.

‘Fujifilm’s system provides a whole new way of purchasing your software,’ said Ben McIntosh, general manager, Technology & Entertainment at Harvey Norman.

Consumers browse the On Demand kiosk to select from over 1000 software titles by platform, title or publisher in seconds.

Once a title has been selected, the kiosk will print a receipt that is taken to the counter where payment triggers the production of the software CD or DVD and is ready in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively, software can be ordered up on the Harvey Norman website.

‘As we produce the discs in-store, the activation codes are also attached, which means the software is immediately ready for use once activated. On Demand is simple, easy to use, and if you buy in-store there are no delivery charges. Our library of titles is growing every day and will continue to do so as we are adding more and more software titles.

‘By using Fujifilm’s kiosk system, that already works well in the photo centre section, On Demand provides our customers with familiarity and, above all, more choice and convenience,’ said Mr McIntosh.

Fujifilm says its On Demand system has seen steady growth since its inception and that it is ‘the future of consumer software purchasing’ as it guarantees availability of a far wider range of software.

Music and movie titles will be added later this year to the computer software and games currently available.

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