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Galaxy Camera in phone and camera stores

Samsung will be distributing its ground-breaking Samsung Galaxy camera/device in Australia via both digital imaging retailers and phone retailers Optus and Telechoice, where it will be the first camera offered on a pay-by-the-month plan.

‘The Samsung Galaxy Camera Camera will be available through most major consumer electronics retailers and select photography outlets, including Camera House, Diamonds and Michaels at RRP $599,’ Samsung Australia’s Digital Imaging manager, Craig Gillespie told Photo Counter.

‘Samsung Australia sees value in its camera channel partners and their ability to bring to life the amazing photographic features offered in the Galaxy Camera. The Galaxy Camera will also be available through Optus and TeleChoice.’

While outright RRP of the camera is $599 (US manufacturer’s recommended price, US$499) it will be sold through phone carriers on a $40 x 24-month plan. Phone calls can’t be made on the Galaxy except via Skype or a similar VoIP service, so the Galaxy is more like a 3G dongle than a mobile phone.

It’s not yet been stated how much data the $40/month pays for. The Galaxy won’t be available in Australia in its 4G version.

In the US, the Galaxy Camera is available through phone AT&T, where it can be purchased outright, or via a hardware and data plan.

Though Samsung’s camera is the first with a built-in 3G connection, Polaroid and Nikon were earlier with Google Android-run cameras. The Nikon Coolpix 800C runs an older version of the operating system, far fewer available apps, and doesn’t have a large LCD touch screen.

Polaroid’s Google camera has not been released in Australia.

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