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Fujifilm launches new photo book initiative

Fujifilm Australia has launched a new online, Facebook-only photo book business called Pixado.

Leading a horse to water:…The Pixado website is virtually all about virtual photo books and virtual book shelves – except for this offer on the homepage.

Pixado was launched last week, but the announcement appears to have had a limited release. (We stumbled upon Pixado in a Fujifilm Print@Fujicolor emailed offer.)

The Pixado website and Whitech-developed software app allow users to choose photos based on a range of search options, and find relevant pictures within their friends’ photo libraries as well as their own. The completed ‘virtual photo book’ can then shared electronically across multiple platforms including Facebook, e-mail and posting online to the web.

The pitch to consumers is radically different to most businesses currently retailing photo books in that their is limited overt marketing of physical photo books, but rather a focus on virtual books which Facebook users can create and share in ‘virtual book shelves’ with their Facebook ‘Friends’.

The concept seems to depend first on people taking up the option of making virtual photo books using the Pixado software, and then deciding to further take up one of the Pixado offers to order a real photo book.

How it works:
When a Facebook user wants to create a photo book they can use search functions within the Pixado software including ‘My Top Images’, ‘All About Friends’, ‘All About Us’ and ‘Events’, and the app will find the relevant images based on most popular ‘Liked’ searches and tags.

The press release elaborates: ‘Often pictures are taken at significant events like birthdays or on holidays by many different people. Those pictures are not always posted on Facebook and sometimes get lost in people’s personal photo libraries.’

Pixado also allows several (‘multiple’)  people to collaborate on creating a photo book.

When the pictures for the photo book have been chosen the user can also add in text, design templates and backgrounds before saving the completed book.

The Pixado Facebook site has yet to set the world on fire. Though it and the Pixado website have been live since the first week of November, it has so far only attracted just over 200 ‘Likes’.

A series of instructional videos posted on the Facebook site and YouTube have likewise had scant interest so far.



  1. Phil G Phil G December 15, 2012

    Great idea, and I’m sure that Fuji gives the option to pickup at any lab with a Fuji dry lab, independent or chain, now that is a real partner initiative.

  2. Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | December 17, 2012

    Phil – I can understand how you would assume Fujifilm would be keen to partner with its customers rather than compete outright with them in this initiative – but oddly that seems not to be the case! Wait ’til Gerry hears about this!

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